Is Urban Communications a licensed call center?

Urban Communications is fully licensed under the licence number: C05/PSEB/2018/2833.


What is the payment process?

An operator can be hired at the rate of £3.00 P/h and UC will send the company an invoice on the 1st of each month. The amount due must be paid by the company within 5 working days. The payment can be made directly into our UK Bank Account.


How many operators can we hire?

There is no limit to the number of operators you can hire. We have many well-trained operators available and they can be available for work within a week after request.


How soon can an operator be available for work?

After the request we will train an operator using our specialised training program which focuses on local area knowledge and your target areas. We will give you a 7-day free trial period so that you may observe and analyse the operator. If you are satisfied with the operator and our service, then the operator will be hired by Urban Communications on a 3-month probation period following which the operator will be given a permanent position.


What if we are not satisfied by the operator?

If you are not satisfied by the operator but would like to continue making use of our services, a 3-week notice should be provided to Urban Communications during which we will hire and train a new operator based on your demands.


What if we need to make changes to schedules?

Our operators are highly flexible and changes in schedules can be made easily as our call center is running 24-hours a days and 7-days a week! The Company must inform our shift managers if a change in schedule is required and the change shall be made within 7 working days.


Can the operators work overtime if needed?

Yes, our operators can work overtime but not on a regular basis. Overtime charges are £0.5 per hour.


Are the operators familiar with foreign accents?

Most of our operators are highly experienced and have been working in this industry for many years. They have significant experience in working with foreign customers and do not have any trouble understanding foreign accents.


Is the call center facility adequate enough to handle outsource work of such nature?

Our facility is very well-equipped and looked after by experienced staff. Open spaces, surplus of computers (and laptops), top-notch equipment such as headphones, power-generators, optimum broadband services plus backup broadband services, cameras and microphones which cover all computers, fingerprint machines, security guards, and emergency backup operators working from home allow us to provide our services 24-hours a day with zero chance of encountering any obstacles which may harm our business, and yours!