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Private hire operators In today’s competitive markets it is crucial to make your business go lean. Outsourcing your company’s work is one of the best ways to reduce your costs while maintaining your service standards.

Even though smartphone applications are evolving and become more and more popular taxi companies in the United Kingdom. We are still majorly being run through direct telephonic interactions. Private hire operators are the heart and soul of these taxi companies. As they are the first line of contact between the company and the customer. The way they interact with the customer and their superior knowledge of maps and routes can help taxi firms maintain very high levels of customer satisfaction.

However, with ever increasing costs, these taxi firms must go lean in order to survive and flourish. The minimum wage in the UK is currently at £8.21 for individuals of the age 25 or above. Outsourcing some of the work could save these taxi firms a fortune ever year. For example by hiring just one private hire operator from offshore call centres could save a taxi company over £10,000 per year. If a large taxi company hires 10 of these experienced taxi operators from offshore call centres. they could save over £100,000 annually!

Taxi operators

Outsource call centres have been known to cause minor issues. Companies are hesitant to outsource their work to outsource call centres as they assume they lose control over that business function. However Urban Communications aims to eliminate that hesitation. Hiring experienced taxi operators from Urban Communications will not only save you tens of thousands of pounds annually. but will also increase the standard of your business. Our operators are highly experienced and undergo specialized training. Also become experts with regards to local areas where your taxi firm operates. UC’s operators will keep you in the loop at all times.

The service does not just stop at taxi operators, our management team will compile a statistical report and analysis for you weekly. The report will help you gain an idea of where your taxi frim currently stands and will keep you up to date with complaints, praises and queries. Urban Communications has even more to offer such as website development and maintenance and digital marketing. You could now outsource your routine operations to one of the best outsourcing companies around and streamline your business. Go lean with Urban Communications today and use . That fortune you just saved to take your brand to even greater heights.

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